about sole mate toys

At the end of 2005 I received a care package from a friend. In amongst the various goodies was a book on how to make silly sock creatures. As a homeschooling mother of two, I needed a quiet hobby for myself that I could fit in around the kids' lessons and activities. It seemed like making sock creatures might be fun, so I gave it a try. By January 2006 I'd created a few sock monsters, and it had been a lot of fun. I kept going, and soon the monsters led to frogs. Before I knew it, I had a friend asking to buy one! Word got around, and I had more and more requests from actual paying customers. Frogs were my focus for a while, but I slowly began to try new designs and eventually ended up with all the animals and creatures you see on this site today.

My Sole Mates and I have come a very long way since I held that first sock and hesitantly performed surgery. Happily, some things have not changed, the most important of which is just how much fun I have doing this "job". I love talking to clients and creating a unique toy for their loved ones. It gives me great satisfaction to hear how happy the recipient was with their new friend, or to receive an email with a picture of one of my creatures clutched by a sleeping child. It's my goal to have each and every Sole Mates owner love their toy as much as I love making them.

Michelle Coady


about me

I'm just your average, 30-something, awesome, crafty, homeschooling mom of 2!

We have 2 dogs, 2 cats, a bunny, and a fish tank so I have a real zoo in addition to my sockie zoo. :D

I love Sci-Fi tv shows, especially Doctor Who.

I love bright socks, Fall days, good books, and spending time with my kids.